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Bible translation in the NT

Serving in the Northern Territory

Did you know that only one Aboriginal language has the whole Bible translated? My name is Kathy and I am in the Top End of the Northern Territory with Wycliffe Bible Translators serving Indigenous Australians through Bible translation. Would you like to help give more Indigenous Australians access to God's word in a language they easily understand?

Go to wycliffe.org.au/kathy to find out how.



Kathy's work involves:

Working on the translation of the Plain English Version (PEV). The PEV is an English translation of the Bible designed for people who speak an Aboriginal language as their mother-tongue, and do not speak standard English. It is used by those who do not yet have the Scriptures in their own language, or who meet with Christians from other language groups. It is also useful for theological training and for Aboriginal people doing Bible translation into their own languages. It has been described by Bible translators as the most important translation project in Australia.

Supporting Aboriginal Bible translators. I also support Aboriginal Christians who are translating the Bible into their own language. This involves helping train translators and providing technical, linguistic & exegetical support, as well as facilitating checking of the translation.

Training as a translation consultant. Before a translation of Scripture can be published it must be checked by a trained consultant who has not previously been involved in the project. I will be trained to do consultant checks for other Aboriginal languages.


To read more about my experiences and plans, see my posts below.


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